As Year-End approaches, it is important to have the right team in place to ensure a smooth and successful Year-End. Your line up should include individuals from the following teams: BASIS, IT, the Business and Consultants.  

  • BASIS - The “behind the scenes team” needed for applying the right changes at the right time. Your basis team will not only be responsible for applying and moving all SAP® changes to/through the SAP system/landscape, but will also be involved in all of the BSI updates. BSI will have various updates to be applied called TUBs or Tax Update Bulletins.
  • IT - The “take charge team” needed for creating, updating and reviewing changes that may be needed in the system. The size of your IT team may vary depending upon the approach you take.  
  • Business - The “front lines team” needed for extensive testing to ensure that the business and legal requirements are being met. Users from both HR and Payroll need to be a part of this team to be successful. If Open Enrollment should occur around the year end time period, then you will want to include users from Benefits as well.  
  • Consultants - The “go to team” needed to make sure you have the support you need when you need it. Your consultant team can be designed to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a consultant team to guide you through the entire process or just help with roadblocks along the way, they are the ‘go to’ team as they will know what SAP configuration changes need to be made, when the changes should occur, along with all required testing to ensure accuracy.

Our HR Focal Point team is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to have a successful year end. We are able to create a customizable year-end solution that fits your organization needs. Therefore, we are available to help with each step, manage the plan for you, or to simply work the steps that you require to seamlessly reach your goals for year end payroll. Contact us or e-mail us at today to setup a meeting to discuss how HR Focal Point can help your organization. We are happy to support you according to your needs!