It’s November and you are probably in the middle of your year-end activities.  Dealing with negotiated vacation time is one of the things that you might have to take into consideration since it is an exception to your company policy. Trying to configure the system to handle all of the possible scenarios, if not impossible, requires a lot of maintenance.  

Sample Scenario
Your company policy provides the following vacation based on years of service.

John Doe is hired by your company with a start date of January 7, 2016.  Because of his skills and experience, your company agrees that he will receive 2 weeks of vacation from his hire date.  Once he attains the 5 years of service, however, he will receive vacation according to the company policy.
Common Practice
A common practice among many customers involves manipulating dates on infotype 41 (Date Specifications).  In the example, an infotype 41 record would be set up with a Vacation Seniority date of 1/7/2011.  The system would read 5 years of service for this employee and generate the 2 weeks. 

So what are the issues with this approach?

  1. First, the user must be able to determine the correct dates to ensure that the employee gets the correct accrual.  This includes calculating the correct seniority date and determining the correct validity dates.
  2. The negotiated vacation is limited to the accruals that are set up.  For example, you could not give John Doe an additional 2 days (96 hours) per year because there is not a ‘bucket’ already set up for that amount.
  3. Since this infotype is used for multiple purposes, there is a good chance that it may need to be updated during the 5-year time span.  For example, what happens if John Doe is transferred to a new position in 2017?  A new record would need to be created to update the Position Seniority date.  This could cause some confusion for the user since they would need to pull the correct dates from both infotypes.
  4. Lastly, what happens if your compensation team determines that to stay competitive, they must offer an additional week of vacation for each seniority level?  Now, instead of receiving 2 weeks of vacation, John starts receiving 3 weeks.

The Alternative
So what is the alternative?  SAP provides a Quota Corrections infotype (2013) that is simple to use and does not require any additional configuration.  The quota is updated during the time evaluation run.
The user simply fills in the following four pieces of information

  1. The quota type to correct:  The selections here will be based on your existing quota configuration
  2. The number of hours
  3. How to do the correction:  Should the entitlement be increased, decreased, or replaced by the new number
  4. When to do the correction:  The options here allow you to determine if the correction should be done immediately, or with the regularly scheduled quota transfer 

The advantage to this approach is its flexibility. 

  1. There is no additional configuration required.
  2. Any number can be entered, so the correction is not limited to the accruals that are already set up.  For example, the employee entitlement can be increased from 40 to 60 hours rather than having to increase to the next level of 80 hours.
  3. By effective dating the record, the additional amount can be given in a lump sum at the beginning of the year, or it can be prorated throughout the year to match the normal accruals.
  4. Future dating is simpler.  Since each record stores only the information regarding that particular change, there is no need to worry about conflicts with other data. 

By its nature, negotiated vacation is an exception to your company policy.  Trying to configure the system to handle all of the possible scenarios generally becomes a maintenance nightmare. The Quota Corrections infotype provides a flexible solution with no additional configuration. 


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