As many of us are painfully aware, displaying an employee’s reporting relationship from within the Organization Management module can be cumbersome.  Thus, a common request I hear from clients is to be able to display the employee’s manager directly on infotype 0001 – Organizational Assignment.    

One approach to solve this request is to create a custom field on Infotype 0001, which requires the help of an ABAP Developer and can involve hours of development and testing time.  


Another option is available:  Use standard SAP configuration to display the employee’s manager in the infotype header.

Here’s how:  In the IMG, navigate to the ‘Change Screen Header’ node under Personnel Administration.  

Navigation Path:  Personnel Management -> Personnel Administration -> Customizing User Interfaces -> Change Screen Header

All necessary steps will take place in the ‘Change Screen Header’ activity menu as shown below.

STEP 1: Create Screen Header

Select ‘Header structure per infotype’ to create a new screen header.  In this example, I’ve assigned a new screen header ‘Z1’ for infotype 0001.

Screenshot 2015-11-12 09.38.20.png

Note:  Select the ‘Choose data’ checkbox if you would like the header to display the data that is valid as of the start date of the infotype 0001 record.  If you leave the checkbox blank, it will display the data as of the system (current) date.  My recommendation is to select the checkbox so the manager will be displayed as of the begin date of that infotype 0001 record; however this is strictly up to the client’s preference.  

Save and return to the Activities selection screen.

STEP 2.   Assign Header Modifier

Select ‘Header Modifier’ to assign a new Header Modifier to our new Screen header.  In this example, I’ve assigned Header modifier 99 to my new Z1 header.

Save and return to the Activities selection screen.

STEP 3.  Create Custom Field Description

The standard field description for the manager’s personnel number is ‘ Sup.OM’, which is not very intuitive, thus I’ve opted to create a custom field description.  If you want to create a custom field description in your new header, select ‘Field names different to DDIC entry’.  

Click ‘New Entries’ to create the new field name.   In this example, I’ve created Key ZZ1 with the field name ‘Mgr Pers No’.

Save and return to the Activities selection screen.

STEP 4.  Define Infotype Header

Now we must define which fields will be displayed in the header by selecting ‘Infotype header definition’.

In this example, I’ve inserted lines for my Header Modifier ‘99’ as defined in previous steps.  I’ve opted to have two custom header lines.  The first line contains the employee’s name.  The second line contains the manager’s personnel number (Field Value = OMNGR_NR) and manager’s name (Field Value = OMNGR_NA).  

Save and return to the Activities selection screen. 

STEP 5: Testing

Last but not least, let’s check out our new infotype 0001 header in PA20 – Display Master Data to make sure we like how it looks.  (You may need to tweak the fields in the Infotype Header as shown in Step 4 until you are happy with the layout.) 

You have now added the employee’s manager to the infotype 0001 Header without requiring the help of an ABAP Developer – congratulations!


A couple of notes about this solution:  The manager assignment is displayed based upon the ‘chief of org unit’ concept.   If the chief position or the organization unit is blank, the next level manager will be displayed.


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