In Organizational Management, you can go beyond just indicating that a position is vacant, you can also indicate who is the Personnel Officer and who is the Line Manager for the vacancy.  This information can then be used in reports to see if the workloads for Personnel Officers are balanced, or to see what future workloads will look like, for example.  The information could also be used to route workflows or notifications to Personnel Officers or Line Managers.

In the transaction Organization and Staffing Change (PPOME), the Staffing Status field on a Position is used to indicate if the position is vacant.  But more information can be provided about the vacancy by turning on the switch for Personnel Officer and Line Manager.

To turn on the switch, go to configuration table T77S0 and navigate to the Group PPVAC.

In the line for PPVAC PREF, put ‘X’ in the Value field and save the change in a transport.  

Now when you view a Position on PPOME, the fields for Personnel Officer and Line Manager are available for data entry.

For the Line Manager field, the standard Personnel Number search is available.  

For the Personnel Officer field, the configuration table T526 (Administrators) must be maintained.  In table T526, create entries in the group called ‘APPL’ for each Personnel Officer.

(The data shown here are the delivered values)

Once the Personnel Officer and Line Manager data in maintained on Positions, it can be reported on via the Vacancy infotype (1007). 


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