For many SAP Payroll technical resources, it is frustrating at times to make changes to the payroll schema, especially if there are current calculations and functionality that either hinder or interfere with future functionality changes. At times, a small change to an existing schema or personnel calculation rule can have adverse and sometimes detrimental consequences to retro-active payroll calculations. In order to avoid the trappings of making potentially hazardous changes to existing schema and rules, we can use a simple work around to “date delimit” our changes.

As many of us are aware, there is not a place for validity dates in the SAP payroll schemas. We can circumvent this limitation by using a payroll constant in table T511K in conjunction with a conditional personnel calculation rule. Since table T511K contains constants that have validity dates, we can utilize a “go live” constant to help with our schema and rule date delimitations.

First, let’s create a constant called ZDATE in table T511K (transaction SM30, view V_T511K) from 01/01/1900 to 12/31/9999 with a value of “0”. You will need to select the country grouping for your particular country. After the creation of the constant, we can now “delimit” the constant by clicking on the Delimit button. Please enter the “go-live” date for your new schema or rule change. In this example, we will use 01/01/2013. We will also assign a value of “1” to our new validity period from 01/01/2013 to 12/31/9999. Please remember to save your entry.

Next, we will create an “IF” decision rule to query the value of the constant ZDATE from T511K. You can create this rule a number of ways, shown below is an example of one approach.

Please note that the decision point hinges on the value of the constant. If the constant has a value of “0”, the rule will set the IF condition to “FALSE”. Otherwise, the condition will be set to “TRUE”. We will need to modify the schema to reflect the IF condition branching logic. Shown below is an example of an IF call within a schema.

This method to “date-delimit” the schema or rules can be used for any SAP payroll schema. By leveraging the validity dates in conjunction with the constant’s value on table T511K, we can overcome the hurdle of keeping existing functionality unaffected while enhancing the schema with future changes.


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