Time evaluation processes time on a daily basis. It goes through each day one at a time starting with the first day of the specific date range to the last. Once a day is processed, the standard functionality, without the GOTC operation, is that the schema will not go back through those days again. The daily block which is between functions BDAY....EDAY is only processed once.
If there is a need to calculate a total for one after certain conditions have been satisfied/passed in the subsequent day you can use the GOTC operation in a rule to recalculate a time type bucket for previous days already processed.


A. Employee work week from Saturday - Friday
B. Employee daily scheduled hours are 8.00
C. Employee status hourly
D. Employee worked 10.0 hours Saturday - Thursday
E. Employee did not work on Friday
F. Weekly Total Straight Time Hours Worked counter is stored in 9004
G. 4-hour-daily counter is stored in 4055 and adds 1 for each day with at least 4 hours worked (if the number in this bucket matches the day of the week then that indicates the employee test condition has been meet for the minimum 4 hour worked daily)

Double Time conditions are as follows:
A. Double time is given only on Thursday and Friday
B. If straight time hours worked Sat - Wed is 48+ (9004 >= 48); DT given for all hours worked Thurs/Fri
C. If  straight time hours worked  Sat - Wed is less than 48 (9004 < 48); DT given for any hours worked on Thurs/Fri that take the total weekly straight time hours over 48 (9004 + Thurs/Fri work hours - 48)
D. Employee must work at least 4 hours every day  from Sat - Fri (4055 = 6 on Thurs; 4055 = 7 on Fri)
E. Caveat: Friday works hours must be tested before Thursday double time can be given/paid; however, Time Evaluation processes Thursday first

Time Eval process for daily block BDAY.....EDAY:
A. Process daily starting from Saturday thru Thursday
B. Total hours worked from Sat - Wed are 50 (9004 = 50) which is over 48
C. At least for hours work from Sat - Thurs (4055 = 6 on Thurs)
D. Thursday processing: 

  1. Employee worked at least 4 hours daily up to this point (4055 = 6)
  2. Employee worked over 48 hours by Wednesday (9004 = 50)
  3. "DT Condition met" set; Processing for this condition
    . DT generated for 10 hour entered on Thurs since DT conditions have been met up to this point
    b. DT hours do not add to 9004; 9004 = 50

*Note: Friday has not yet been evaluated which may impact what Thursday should have been

E. Friday processing: 

  1. Employee not at work; less than the minimum 4 hours worked; bucket 4055 = 6 on Friday (day 7);
  2. Nothing added to 4055 for Friday
  3. "DT Condition not met" set; Processing for this condition
    a. No DT generated for Friday
    b. Subtract 1.00 hour from bucket 4055
    c. Execute the GOTC operation for 4055 back to Monday to reduce 1.00 hour from 4055 that would make the total equal to 5 on Thursday; this would change the previously set "DT Condition met" to "DT Condition not met"
    . See screen shot of rule below

 e. Syntax is GOTCxxyyyy; xx = starting day of recalculation;
     yyyy = time type to be recalculated.  Valid values for xx are below.

          - LD  = last day of the week set by feature LDAYW
          - WW = work week assigned to employee on infotype 7
          - TP = current time evaluation period
          - PP = current pay period
          - BLANK sets Monday as starting day
          + I used BLANK

 f. Time Evaluation screen shot of GOTC processing below. (For this scenario/client I am using the standard functionality to process up to 5 maximum iterations preventing an endless loop.)


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