In Organizational Management the Staff Assignments report can be used to provide full-time equivalent (FTE) reporting if your system is configured a certain way. 

Here is an example of what the Staff Assignments output might look like. 

The ‘Effective staffing percent’ column shows the FTE as a percent.  100 % means 1.0 FTE, based on the comparison of Target Working Hours to Actual Working Hours.

The prerequisites for using this report for FTE reporting are as follows:

1) Actual Working Hours

The Actual working hours come from the Weekly Working Hours field or the Monthly Working Hours field on the Planned Working Time infotype (0007) in Personnel Administration (PA).  

Therefore it is important that the Employment percentage field on infotype 0007 is accurate.  

And since the Employment percentage on infotype 0007 is typically reflected on infotype Basic Pay (0008) in the Capacity Utilization Level field, infotype 0008 should be accurate as well.  

2) Target working hours

The Target working hours come from the Work Schedule infotype (1011) for the organizational unit or position in Organizational Management (OM).  Depending on the selection criteria you use on the Staff Assignments report, either the Hours per Week or Hours per Month are used.

Once the prerequisites have been met, you can run the Staff Assignments report for FTE reporting.

Go to transaction S_AHR_61016503 (Staff Assignments) or follow the menu path: Human Resources -> Organizational Management -> Info System -> Position -> Staff Assignments

Enter or choose the organizational unit that will be the starting point from the organizational structure for the report.  To choose the organizational unit, click on the icon to the right of the organizational unit selection field.

You will see this pop-up screen:

SAP remembers the last type of search you performed.  Click on the ‘Structure Search’ tab if it is not already selected.

Expand the org structure until you find the org unit that you want to start with.  Mark the box to next to the name and click on the green checkmark.  You do not have to select all the org units below that org unit in the structure.  The report will automatically select the lower level org units.

Click on Continue.

Click on Continue.

Click on Execute button.

Click on Execute button.

The report shows whether any positions are vacant and the date since they have been vacant.  If a position is occupied, the Effective Staffing percentage is computed and the Actual working hours is displayed.  

If the Effective Staffing percentage is 100.00 then the position is filled by 1.0 FTE, if it is 70.00 it is 0.7 FTE.


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