For every SAP HCM payroll customer, a vital part of year end is making sure that all postings during the year have been properly executed. Missing a posting can cause endless headache if it’s not noticed. Here we will outline the steps to verify that all postings have been properly completed. 

Step 1

  • Under the menu Subsequent activities follow the path: Per Payroll Period--Evaluation--Posting to accounting. Double click the Check Completeness.  

Step 2

  • Enter the date from which you want to check for unposted documents. Initially, for clean-up purposes, you should run this for the entire year to ensure you have no missed postings.
  • Under Run Type there are two options, you will need to check both options one at a time. For this example, we will use PM – Payment Posting.
  • Select Execute

Step 3

  • After the report has processed you will see a listing of all employees who have payroll results that have not been posted. Some of the information you will find here are:
    • Payroll Area 
    • Personnel Number 
    • Period or Off-cycle payment date
  • For each document, you need to determine what needs to be posted.
  • Once you determine which items need to be posted, you can sort items by period. That way, you can process all missing runs at once by specifying the Period, or the Pay Type, Pay ID, and Payment Date. If the Personnel Number field is left blank when the posting program is re-run, only the employees who are missing a posting for that period/off-cycle will be selected.

By following these steps, you can verify your postings and have a pain free year end process. 


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