SAP forms are still used by many clients to produce remuneration statements for their employees.  There may be a circumstance in which a client may want to or need to display certain information for one group of employee, but not another group.  Depending upon the ability to clearly identify these groups of employees, it may be possible to deliver this requirement within the same remuneration form.

For the purpose of this demonstration, we will start with a completely configured form set up with only the following requirement remaining.  For our example, let’s say there is a requirement to report the YTD hours worked in the pay period only for union employees in a specific company code.  In this case, the employee subgroup will identify the union status (UN = employee is in an union), and the company code will be 1020.  All other employee subgroups and company codes will not display the YTD hours worked.

Below is the Form Editor set up from transaction code PE51 for sample form ZZBW:

First, select the Text modules radio button and click on ‘Change’.  Here we have created an entry ‘YT’ with the text ‘YTD Hours Worked’.  This will become the text that is displayed in the remuneration statement when the aforementioned conditions have been met.

Next, create a rule that will use the required parameters to identify the employee population that will display the YTD hours worked.  Here rule ‘ZZ’ will use the company code and employee subgroup found in the WPBP table of the payroll cluster.  Note that the condition ‘S’ is used to continue processing after the company code specified in the ‘Value 1’ field triggers the “Equal” condition.  In this way, the next condition will be evaluated in sequence number 2.  In order to ensure that the output will only be displayed when both conditions are met, use the print suppression option ‘00’ under the Conversion field in sequence 1.  Otherwise, the output will be displayed when the first condition met regardless of the success of the second condition.

Now, with the creation of the text module ‘YT’ and the creation of rule ‘ZZ’, it is time to build the output fields on the Single Fields screen.  To do this, use the create icon to add the text field YTD Hours Worked and the associated data field ANZHL.
Below is the popup window depicting control of the output ‘YTD Hours Worked’ based on the text module ‘YT’ located under the print data section.  Under the print options section, add rule ‘ZZ’.   This rule will be called during processing and will determine if this field will be displayed in the final output.

Follow the same principle for the data field that will display the hours in the field ANZHL.  The table field is defined under print data, and the rule is added under the print options section.  Note that it is necessary to add the rule to each field you wish to control.

Once the field details are saved, the Single Fields window will contain the YTD Hours Worked field and the ANZHL field as seen below.

Now, when an employee’s remuneration statement is produced containing the necessary prerequisites, the YTD Hours Worked will be displayed as seen below. 

Likewise, when the conditions are NOT met, there is no display of YTD Hours Worked. 

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of how it is possible to use rules within the Form Editor to modify the data output of your remuneration statements.


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