An often overlooked, but essential activity  is maintaining the number of messages in TaxFactory.

TaxFactory (TF) generates most taxes for SAP Payroll and it creates messages that, if left unchecked, could cause performance issues within the TaxFactory product. (This document assumes that TaxFactory has been installed and connects to your databases correctly.) 

When you double-click on the icon for TF, you’ll see the following:

Once in TaxFactory, you have several folders to navigate the TF product with.  At the bottom, TF lets you know the following information: 

  • Server – an Oracle database
  • Data Source (SAP instance) - three digit code from SAP instance, example: QAS
  • Data Set  (SAP client) 200
  • Schema (cyclic version of TF) – TF90

To get the messages, open the following folder.

Double-click on Message Viewer.

You’ll get the following pop-up:

Click “OK” to get through the pop-up message.

From the screenshot above, the Message Viewer is showing a total of 16,224 messages.  Are there too many messages?  Probably not.  Yet most clients don’t look at this section of TaxFactory often enough to clean out the messages.  The frequency depends on your payroll base: number of employees and how often payroll runs. To see how many message are being created for a payroll run, start with a clean database (set at zero) and after a payroll run, see the number of messages that have been created.  BSI has indicated that over 50,000 messages could cause database integrity and performance issues.  You should do this for the Development, Quality Assurance, and Productive instances of Tax Factory.

To see more information about the messages, you can pull the right hand bar to the right.

The column Run Name lets you know if it’s an SAP Payroll Run or a TaxLocator Run.  The message viewer provides the run date and time, as well as the server version of TF, in this case it is 9.0.J.

Double-click on a line (in blue) and additional information is shown on the right hand panel with messages grouped by severity level or in a consolidated “All Messages” view. 

This message run has two messages.

The messages is further broken out below, providing more details of the messages that TF is generating.

The “All Messages” view provides another perspective of the same messages above.

To delete the messages, click on the trash can icon

TF will prompt you if that is what you want to do.

Click yes, and depending on the number of messages selected – it may take a few minutes to delete the messages. 

Once messages are deleted, TF will reflect a new number of messages that are in the message database. 

You should review new messages to see if there are issues with configuration, which could be causing TF to generate messages. 

You can also turn off message generation as another approach.  However, this is at the macro level and is not recommended in case there are legitimate issues that need to be looked at or addressed.  To restrict the messages that TF/SAP produces, adjust the constant TFMSG on table T511K.  In the constant, you specify the level of messages to be returned by the TaxFactory executable.  The possible values are determined by Business Software, Inc. (BSI), are as follows for TaxFactory version 9.0 and onwards:

    -   3: FAILURE
    -   4: FATAL-ERROR


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