HCM Processes and Forms (HCM P&F) is a component from SAP used to execute HR processes in which changes are to be made to HR master data. It uses Interactive Forms by Adobe to integrate all involved roles directly in the process.

This article is not going to discuss the design and build of an HCM P&F application. This will explain how to leverage an existing implementation to satisfy a new business requirement.

Business Requirement
Suppose the business has an existing HCM P&F process that is used regularly to give selected employees a bonus. The managers may already be using this in an Ad Hoc manner, i.e. to reward certain employees for a specific accomplishment. The new requirement is for a larger part of the organization to be eligible on a regular basis for a bonus, based on predefined eligibility criteria. How can the employee selection and the HCM P&F process be initiated in an automated manner?

The existing HCM P&F is designed for managers to select an employee, complete the interactive form, and submit for approval. After approval(s), the process will automatically update the HR master data with the bonus information of the proposed bonus payout. The new requirement is to automate the selection process (based on the predefined eligibility criteria), and “submit” the form(s) for the approval(s).

Step 1
Write a program to perform the selection of employees based on the predefined criteria. The resulting list of selected employees can be either submitted directly to the process, or saved in a SAP custom table for review (step 2 and 3). If the list is not to be reviewed or modified, then add the code in step 3 to this program.

Step 2
If the selected employees need to be reviewed by the compensation department, a separate program can be used to allow the compensation department to “mark” any employees that are no longer eligible (possibly due to termination, or recent promotion) or to change the proposed amounts.

Step 3
Write a program that will read the selected employees from the custom table. For each employee in the custom table that has not been “marked” as ineligible, execute the following code (or if step 2 and 3 is not required, add this code to program in step 1):

This code will automatically initiate the process (replacing the initiating manager role). The automatic initiation does not alter the existing HCM P&F. It will continue to function as before (the WorkFlow managing the approval(s), and the automatic update process). The original process will still function as before, but the additional functionality now allows the process to automatically encompass a larger segment of the employees in a prescribed manner.


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