Your SAP security team already has a process in place to assign roles in ECC and Portal when employees join the company, move positions, etc. Why should your company go through the trouble of linking SAP Portal Roles and SAP ECC Roles? Efficiencies and cost saving can be gained, and errors reduced, by removing manuals steps in any process. The steps outlined below can be followed to link SAP Portal roles to either SAP ECC roles or LDAP roles, completely removing the need to assign roles in both systems. Because the SAP Security team will no longer need to perform manual role assignments to SAP Portal users, they will be able to focus on more critical tasks.

Obtain a List of SAP Portal Roles to be linked to SAP ECC Roles

In this example, ESS and MSS roles are currently assigned to users in ECC and the portal. Performing these one-time steps will create the linkage between the roles, thus removing the need to manually assign common SAP Portal roles in the future.

1. Z_ESS_US_Portal link to Z_ESS_US_ECC
2. Z_ESS_CA_Portal link to Z_ESS_CA_ECC
3. Z_MSS_Portal link to Z_MSS_ECC

For Each ECC Role, Perform the Following Steps in SAP Portal 

Navigate to User Administration

Search for the Group Name in Portal and Select "Z_ESS_US_ECC"

It is important to note that SAP Portal represents ECC roles as Groups in the User Administration tools.

Add the Portal Role "Z_ESS_US_Portal" to the Group "Z_ESS_US_ECC" and hit Save

Assign the ECC Role to a Test ID and Confirm that the SAP Portal Roles Appear as Expected

After performing these steps for each SAP Portal role, the SAP Security team will never need to perform manual role assignments in SAP Portal ever again.


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