The newest flavor of Employee Self-Service (ESS) built using Web Dynpro ABAP (WDA) delivered in EHP5+ allows for streamlined configuration of UI elements compared to previous enhancement packages. Now your PA20/30/40 and ESS screens share more configuration tables, which makes many types of screen changes less painful.


1) Open view V_T591C in TCODE SM30. Scroll down to Infotype 0105, subtype 0020. With the “Long_ID” unchecked, we will proceed to show the screens in PA30 and ESS.

2) Create a new IT0105 subtype 0020 entry in PA30. Notice that only the “System ID” field is shown, which is stored in “USRID”, not “USRID_LONG”. PA30


3) Now, the requirement is to store the extension along with a potentially longer phone number. To do this, check the “Long ID” option mentioned in step #1. Transport to your unit test system if required.

4) Go into PA30 and pull up the same record previously edited in PA30 & ESS. There are two things to take note of here:

  • The telephone number earlier stored on the “USRID” field appears on the overview screen, but disappears on the detail screen.
  • The long telephone and extension fields now appear on the detail screen. PA30


5) If you try to edit the record now in ESS, you will encounter a misleading error message. The system is now confused because data exists on “USRID”, yet it is trying to save it on” USRID_LONG”. There is standard SAP code running the system that gets expect data in the IT0105 record to match config in V_T591C. When this doesn’t occur, as in the case here, it coughs up the error message, “Fill either the USRID or the USRID_LONG field”.

6) In order to correct this, any existing data on IT0105 subtype 0020 needs to be transferred from the “USRID” to the “USRID_LONG” field.

7) With the newest WDA versions of ESS in EHP5 and newer, the ESS screens will automatically read the configuration and change from storing data on the “USRID” to the “USRID_LONG” field. There is no additional Web Dynpro configuration needed now!

8) Test this out in ESS and notice the fields are shown correctly and the data saves without issue.


  • PA20/30/40 and ESS screens share more configuration tables, which makes many types of screen changes less painful.
  • When changing setting in V_T591C, make sure to convert any existing data to avoid data loss and misleading error messages. This is a one-time activity.


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