When you run SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll (ECP) with SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) there are a few options for entering and displaying an employee’s payroll related data in the Employee Central User Interface (UI). 

Here is a quick overview of the scenario. EC is the personnel administration system and ECP does the payroll processing. EC is the point of entry for users to enter employee personal data, like home address, and employee payroll specific data, like withholding information. The personal data is stored in EC and replicated to the ECP system. However, certain payroll specific employee data is only stored in the ECP system. How can a user log in to EC and enter data that is saved real-time to the ECP system? Through a User Interface Mashup!

“UI Mashup” is a term for enabling a User Interface component from another system to be presented within the User Interface of SuccessFactors EC.

For example, with a mashup for W-4 Withholding, you can configure a portlet in EC that connects with ECP and displays the SAP ESS Web Dynpro ABAP service for W-4 Withholding within the EC user interface.

Here is the EC end user view of the W-4 Mashup using the ECP ESS W-4 Withholding service.

You also have the option of a mashup that accesses BSI eFormsFactory, where an employee can fill out and submit a W-4 form online through BSI’s SaaS-based eFormsFactory product. Employers can then access and process the employee’s submitted form. In this scenario the completed tax form is saved in the cloud solution for eFormsFactory, and then data is transferred via a system interface to the ECP system tax infotypes for use in payroll processing.

Here is the EC end user view of the W-4 Mashup using BSI eFormsFactory service.

Some of the Payroll Tax information has no specific ECP ESS service to leverage in a mashup, for instance, Residence Tax Area, infotype 207 in  SuccessFactors ECP.  In these cases, the ECP generic infotype maintenance service can usually be used. You configure the generic infotype maintenance service by referencing the ECP infotype number, instead of a service or URL on the Payroll Configuration Portlets Detail screen in EC. 

Here is the end user view of the Residence Tax Area mashup using the ECP generic infotype update to save data to ECP.

The UI Mashups are configured as a portlets in EC at Admin Tools > Payroll > Payroll Configuration.

Select the payroll system configuration you want to update or create a new one. On this screen you can add and change portlets by selecting Take Action > Make Correction, and then select the Details link for the Portlet.

On the Details configuration page you enter the Infotype Number for the generic infotype update service, a URL, or Service to use in the UI Mashup. If you do not have the delivered services in your EC system, you can import these values from the Success Store with the package name Payroll Configuration Picklists of type Payroll Configuration.

The configured payroll portlets are seen in EC at Employee File > Payroll.

In ECP you will need to complete any required configuration for the ESS services used, including activation of the ICF service in transaction SICF. Similarly, any required configuration will need to be completed in BSI eFormsFactory, if you integrate eFormsFactory in the mashup.

You’ll want to configure Single Sign On as well, to make this a seamless mashup for your user.

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