Managed Support Services

Providing scalable, sustainable and affordable solutions


Managed Support Services

Providing scalable, sustainable and affordable solutions

Are you looking for a world-class Human Capital Management and Payroll system that is scalable, sustainable, affordable and delivers top-notch user and support experience?

HR Focal Point’s Managed Support Services provides SAP SuccessFactors suite of functionality in an HR Focal Point managed environment that combines top-notch implementation with world-class support services.

With cutting edge innovations, proven global enterprise technology, efficient processes, and long term partnerships, our Managed Support Services is a flexible and scalable operating model that empowers customers across all industries and size spectrums to:

  • Reduce total cost of system ownership
  • Streamline implementation efforts
  • Maintain regulatory compliance

  • Improve application and system stability with greater efficiency and higher productivity

  • Expedite end user support solutions

  • Reduce system support needs and improve incident resolution

And the best news yet, our services are designed to address repetitive administrative tasks, so our customers can focus achieving higher resource synergy.

As a SAP certified partner, HR Focal Point helps customers capitalize and maximize their strategic investment through:

  • Seasoned SAP-certified HCM professionals
  • Expertise-driven support model for both HR functional and administrative needs

  • Complete application hosting, processing and maintenance delivery

  • Budget-friendly subscription and implementation


If you would rather focus on strategic challenges that directly contribute to the bottom line, HR Focal Point’s Managed Support Services is the solution for you.


What’s included

What’s included

SAP licensing for SuccessFactors | World-class implementation with transparent pricing | Superior ongoing managed support services


CLOUD-BASED HCM SYSTEM-OF-RECORD including Employee Record, Org Management, Global & US Benefits, Time Management, Employee & Manager Self-Service, with localization for 89+ countries.

CLOUD-BASED PAYROLL using the world’s premier payroll engine by SAP, with support for 41 countries (and growing), including legal payroll compliance and proven payroll practices processes.

INTEGRATIONS including SAP Delivered Packaged Integration Content for leading third-party applications, as well as the Integration Center to build custom interfaces.

MOBILE ACCESS to your HCM data any time via native apps on iOS and Android powered devices.


WITH OVER 20+ YEARS OF HR AND PAYROLL IMPLEMENTATION & PROCESSING EXPERIENCE, we have a proven track record of successfully implementing local as well as global HRIS and Payroll systems for some of the most complex organizations in the world. 

STREAMLINED PROCESSES AND EFFICIENCY is easy to accomplish with our best practice protocol and consultative implementation approach.


SUPPORT SERVICES provide all the benefits of a cloud software delivery model with the enterprise-grade flexibility to manage your own customer critical processes

SUPERIOR END-USER SUPPORT is accessible via email, phone, chat, mobile-enabled Community & Support site, and social media (Twitter, Facebook) channels.

PAYROLL TAX UPDATES are managed and maintained to ensure accurate gross to net payroll results.

RELEASE SUPPORT & GUIDANCE keeps your system up to date with all the latest compliance requirements, as well as new features and functionality that are compatible with your business needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is this a hosted solution?

A: Yes. World's leading enterprise software company SAP hosts all SuccessFactors technical systems while HR Focal Point manages all of the back-end administrative activities as well as customer-facing interactions and support services.


Q: Will we get a generic system? How will our unique needs be met?

A: Our expert consultants will implement an unique installation based on your enterprise business requirements.  Our proprietary implementation tools will help to accelerate the overall implementation life cycle.


Q: What areas do you support?

A: We support the complete SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite of products, including Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll and the SuccessFactors Talent modules.


Q: We know we need help in certain areas, but there are some things that we need to keep in house. Can we still work with you?

A: Of course. Our services are designed to better meet your business needs and allow your team to spend less time on repetitive and administrative tasks. We work closely with you to assess and define which processes you want to keep in-house and which ones HR Focal Point manages.


Q: Is this the same as “SAP Managed Payroll” that SAP Offers? 

A: While there are similarities, it is not the same product. Our Managed Support Services include a full Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll deployment, moving everything to SAP’s long term strategic cloud HCM platform. Additionally, your entire HCM system is supported by HR Focal Point, not just the payroll compotent. This means all the legal changes, version updates, quarterly release updates, system hosting, and designated business operations are off your plate.


Q: How is this different from a BPO? Is this outsourcing to offshore resources?

A: Our offering is similar to a BPO, except we work with you to define the processes we take responsibility for and which ones you would like to keep in-house. Our support model is 100% US-based and we do not outsource or subcontract to offshore resources.