Optimization and improvements of an ERP system are required at times to ensure that your platform is achieving top performance. At HR Focal Point we offer our clients a couple of different Product Improvement Assessments to revitalize and enhance their HR system.

  1. The first method for improvement is via our individualized product assessment. Give us your pain point and we will come in and review, research, analyze and assess how you can remedy that process to make it work more effectively, thereby reducing your long term costs.
  2. Another method for improvement is our continual process assessment. The advantage to this model is that you gain more efficiencies from your HR system and experience fewer emergency support issues as the continuous process improvement takes place. This model is typically paired with production support and/or implementation services as we will need to become familiar with your system while working in it on a daily basis.

Here are some additional ways we can help improve your HR system:

  • Rebuilding/reworking patch-work time/payroll schemas to reduce complexity and points of error
  • Implementation of new SAP functionality, e.g., Adobe Forms, xSS applications, HR Workflow, Payment Medium Workbench, Time Manager’s Workplace, Employee Self-Service, Manager’s Desktop or MSS.
  • Implementation of functionality that never made it in the ‘initial phase’ of your implementation and was never able to be revisited, e.g., process models, business process user menus, full documentation of configuration and/or business processes, structural authorizations, HR data archiving, tighter HR security controls, more in-depth knowledge transfer to end-users, activating table logging or HR data archiving.